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Tuesday 4 March 2008

This is obviously for Me

As I reported earlier in this blog, I have never had any (what I call) money.

Another of my difficulties is that things that I have break. Now famous racing-car mechanic, the late Carroll Smith had a number of maxims: one of these was "Parts don't break: we break them"

As far as I am concerned this is not true, but then I am not as successful as Mr Smith was...

Anyway, the $3899 that Dell is asking for the superb piece of kit illustrated above would not have been an outrageous sum when I had a JOB, but since I have not had a JOB (i.e. what I call a JOB) for some time, $3899 must be classified as "outrageous."

I would love one of those laptops.

Information here

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