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Friday 30 August 2013


On reflection, I consider that a military strike - even a so-called surgical strike (if at all possible) - against Bashar al-Assad's horrible regime would not be a good idea.  I believe that the Syrian government, or at least elements of the Syrian military are responsible for the awful chemical attacks carried out last week since I am convinced that rebels do not have the means for such attacks.

Nevertheless, there are it seems, terrible people on both sides, and given the likelihood of collateral damage and deaths possibly of innocents, I can see that all an attack would do would be further to entrench opinions there, and were such attacks to result in the substantial weakening or even removal of al-Assad, in no time at all there would be another bunch of medieval extremists in charge with their stupid Sharia Laws, who would continue to wage war - as they have done for 1300 years - on their ideological opponents - Sunni or Shia, take your pick.

As for Mr Miliband's performance in the House of Commons yesterday, I see him as a nasty little opportunist turncoat and appeaser.

And the people of Syria will continue to suffer, victims of an ideology that is a 1000 years out of date.

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30.viii.2011 - 30.viii.2013

Oh frabjous day,
Calloo callay!

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Sunday 25 August 2013

The Ashes 2013

I'm very disappointed to see the final Ashes match called off for bad light with just four overs remaining, with England having every chance to win - albeit with an effort.  Surely the ICC must now review the absurd light laws which it has instituted.

But I offer my compliments to Australian captain Michael Clarke for his very sporting declaration at tea today, which in my view was in the best spirit of the Game.

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Friday 2 August 2013

UNITE & The Illegals

So that fathead Len McCluskey is now trying to make a name for himself by playing the "racist" card with regard to the Home Office's campaign to attempt to get illegal immigrants to leave the United Kingdom.

What rubbish.

The campaign relates to the illegal status of these people, not their race(s).  Do we need illegal immigrants?  No we don't.

Utter nonsense and a gross waste of time, effort, and no doubt, public funds.

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Current News: Fracking and Zimbabwe

I see that the nimbies are hard at it at Balcombe: "Frack off" says one deathlessly witty poster.


I swear that if I lived in Balcombe, the protesters would have an uphill job to persuade me to join them.  I am wholly in favour of exploration; the right-on protesters would do well to reflect that natural gas in vast quantities will be required to fill the gaps whilst their useless wind turbines are, as usual doing sod-all.

Just see what happens when the power is cut off and they are unable to whine on Twitter or Facebook! They would have been better advised to picket the court and boo and jeer at the two monsters who were sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal and horrible murder of a little boy.  What a pity we are not allowed to hang them.

As for Zimbabwe, the black Stalin is claiming victory in this week's election. No doubt the "happy" citizens of his ruined country have provided a majority of 98.9% to keep this corrupt mass-murderer in his destructive role.  The useless African Union has declared the elections to have been fair; in a pig's eye - after all there is none so blind as he who will not see.


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