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Sunday 2 March 2008

Quelle Surprise!

Picture source: here

This is Dimitri Medvedev, who perhaps might be described as Valdimir Putin's Crown Prince.

Following a very skewed election campaign (it's easy to win if you lock up the credible opposition or ban them from standing) in which the Crown Prince has had the full support of the Kremlin-controlled media (shades of Goebbels?) it appears from exit polls that surprise, surprise, Mr Medvedev will be the next President of The Russian Federation, with of course Putin in the wings as his No2.

It is an ironic coincidence that we are only a short time away from the Zimbabwean elections...

Extra: Regarding the last statement, it is reported today (3/3/08) that observers of the elections state that "despite 'irregularities' the result represents the will of the people." That's something I suppose: something that the Zimbabweans will sadly have to wait for - until Mugabe "pops his clogs." The sooner the better

Report on Russian elections here.

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