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Thursday, 6 March 2008

One law for the rich and...?

Late last year a circular letter was sent to Brussels police warning them not to visit bars and brothels whilst on duty. The article from Reuters contains the following quote:

"These officers think their duty hours are to be used to drink alcohol in bars, practice sports..., visit brothels or massage parlors, and entertain (intimate) relationships with residents of the neighborhood during their patrol," said the letter from a local police chief.

I must say that it makes say, reading one's private emails in office hours look quite innocent.

On the other hand, for a mere $5,400 (US not Zimbabwean) per day, how about this companion:

From the Valleywag article about Kari pictured above, comes this quote:

Who's booking the hotel? If you need her to make the reservations, let her know up front. She may assume the office has you covered, since business travelers make up so much of the client base.

On the face of it, nice work if you can get it...

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