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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Disingenuous Twerp

Today's headline could refer to a great many politicians - though not the egregious Trump; nothing disingenuous about that bastard.
No, today I am talking about that well-known wimpy weather-vane. Nick Clegg, erstwhile leader of the sinking Liberal Democratic Party here in England.
During Prime Minister's Questions today in the House of Commons, Clegg's performance was reported by the BBC as follows: 
He [Clegg] accused Theresa May, "prime minister of our country, with no mandate of her own", of having the gall to tell her Conservative Party conference that if "you believe we have a natural affinity with other countries", British internationalism, "you are a citizen of nowhere".
Typical bloody leftie tripe.  The socialists often like to try this one on as well.  What does this ineffectual buffoon mean by "mandate?"
Mr Clegg: (time you studied British Constitution isn't it?) here in Great Britain, we elect PARTIES not "presidents".  We have an excellent Head of State in the person of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 
Try to keep up.
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Saturday 1 October 2016

Another New Craze For Me

No, I am not planning any drastic terminal action - in this regard it is worth recalling Dorothy Parker's poem:

Razors pain you,
Rivers are damp.
Acids stain you,
Drugs give you cramp.
Guns are unlawful
Nooses give,
Gas smells awful,
You might as well live!
For the past eight weeks or so I have been shaving with what is popularly known as a "cut-throat" razor, more correctly called a straight razor.  When all goes well, there is nothing quite like a straight-razor shave.
Typically as a hopeless collector, I have accumulated quite a few already; they are lovely things - I love the look of polished steel and have enormous respect for the craftsmanship that went into making them.
It started when, following the death of my mother in February this year, I found in her effects my paternal grandfather's straight razor. I had this professionally honed and thus the rot set in!
I am now trying to learn how to hone the razors myself and I can assure you that it is no picnic. The cost of suitable stones is very high and there is an enormous amount of debate about the merits of various types.
There are of course forums for enthusiasts, for example Badger & Blade to which I am subscribed.
Straight razors are quite a big thing in the USA and once upon a time, when things were actually manufactured in England, many razors made in Sheffield were exported to the US.  Almost unbelievably (to me at least) at one time many of the razors manufactured in Germany's famous cutlery town, Solignen would carry the proud slogan "Finest Sheffield Steel" so steel was exported to Germany to make razors.  Hard to believe today isn't it?  Sheffield-made razors enjoy a very good reputation in the States. Makes me sad, frankly.
Today I doubt that there is a single firm in England making razors, yet they are made still in Solignen and in Japan.  The Chinese also make razors, but you wouldn't want to shave with one - that is not until a great deal of work has been done to it!
To close here's a snap of a couple of vintage German razors:
With so many (I have about thirty already) it is always a struggle to choose one - or two - with which to shave.  (Un)happily most of them are not yet properly honed or "shave ready" as they say so the choice is relatively limited!
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Friday 30 September 2016

Begging Your Indulgence

Four and a half years ago, I opened my heart to you all regarding the disaster that occurred on 26th January 2012.

I know that this is most likely of little interest, but I have to say something - for purely selfish reasons - there! I have admitted it!

I just want to say that I would give anything for it to be five years ago - right now.

Those of you who have loved and failed (and made a commitment that you prefer to keep despite the actions of the other side) will understand.

Until the next time.

Monday 18 July 2016

Bloody Fools

The headline above is not a reference to the outcome of the recent referendum concerning the Untied Kingdom's membership of the European Union; I made my views clear in my previous post here and I have not changed my mind.
No, I am referring to events last weekend in Turkey.
First I must make clear that the deaths of several hundred people is tragic.  Equally I must say that had the people ignored President Erdogan's request to come out into the streets and instead remained at home, perhaps there would have been less bloodshed.  Of course, there is in Turkey a long tradition of military coups and perhaps collective memory inspired the popular support for the president.
We are informed that this is a triumph for "democracy" that much over-used concept used to justify all sorts of rubbish - if in doubt consider e.g. the late and unlamented German Democratic Republic, or the appalling Democratic Republic of Congo.
Can the Turkish people not see what Erdogan is doing? 
He is destroying Mustapha Kemal's (Ataturk's) brilliant modernisation and secularisation of the country.  And he is doing his best to become a new Putin - or even worse, possibly aping some of those bandits who rule a sea of corruption in such countries as Kazakhstan, Azerbijan or Belarus, with iron hands.
Moral?  Get democratic and cut your own throat - why not ask some of the journalists currently imprisoned in Turkey?
Very sad, and I am certain that the great Ataturk is spinning in his grave.
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Saturday 18 June 2016


That's what I shall do.

Absolutely no offence to my European friends:  I like Europeans - it's the EU that's the problem.  Should they recant and restore the Common Market then I may well change my mind.

Until the next time