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Sunday 2 March 2008

A Quandery?

The story from England has often been told. Some bloke rang the police to say that burglars had broken into his shed (not for the first time). The police told him that they were sorry but that they had no-one available. Shortly afterwards the chap called back to say "don't worry, you don't need to come because I have shot them."

Within a few minutes a helicopter appeared above and on the ground, an "Armed Response Unit" with lots of policemen. They said to the bloke "Where are the bodies?" The bloke replied "There aren't any." The police said "But we understood that you shot the intruders."

And the bloke replied "And I understood that you had no-one available."

It's wonderful isn't it? The police are unable to protect us and yet will do their damnedest to prevent us protecting ourselves.

This story from Mexico is an illustration: now those who supply us with our "protection" have to be licensed - because of the very people we are trying to protect ourselves against!

As the French might say "Quel bordel"!

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