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Wednesday 5 March 2008


Source: here

A silly item to round off the day.

All about the gift for the girl who has everything, including presumably enemies!

Read all about it here!

Here's another "shot"...

Source: here
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Fleur said...

This one, in the hand, will probably be a gift by C.B. to his husband?
It has been taken from this Betty Boop cartoon, I think?
I want the same for my doll...

Fleur said...

Sh...Zut! It's the "cartoon banned by Mormon Church" which is under the real cartoon I wanted send to you : here's the good (and not the god's)cartoon... "Banned cartoon Betty Boop", where the little "shot" should have been stolen!

Paul said...

Thanks. The photos are of the same gun!

And you really can kill someone with it!

Fleur said...

you can kill someone with it : when he's near you? it will perhaps the best friend of every woman in the metro or in the street, by night...

Paul said...

Yes, but the article states that the range is 120 metres but pàrobably not to kill.

More worrying is that it would be perfect for aircraft hi-jackers, terrorists.