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Monday 3 March 2008

Sex/Shock/Horror/Scandal in Silicon Valley

This time it's Techcrunch I have to thank.

Many of us would like to to think that we are above gossip etc. However I suspect that the reality is that most of us find it irresistible. It is presumably for this reason that the Silicon Valley Blog scandal-sheet Valleywag is enjoying so much success and includes IAC (?) and the Wall Street Journal amongst its advertisers.

Unfortunately someone who was mentioned on this site has committed suicide; there is apparently said not to be a connexion between the two events, but as the Techcrunch piece suggests, it is not so much a matter of if a suicide will result, but when. This of course is the tragic downside of the gossip industry, which is probably as old as mankind.

It's a blog for "grown-ups" - this article for example...

But also reported is a master plan by the "Z-list Celebrities" (THAT word again!) threatening to destroy gossip sites:

I am afraid that despite having mixed feelings, I shall be obliged to include Valleywag in my blog bookmarks.


Techcrunch has reported here on another gossip site "Juicy Campus"

This is a gossip site aimed at college students. Of course I visited, but it wouldn't be my first choice for original thought - far from it. Techcrunch seems to think that before long the writing will be on the wall for Juicy Campus; I do not think that it would be a great loss.

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