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Friday 29 June 2012


I love this from the wonderfully talented Joyce Grenfell and the piece has very powerful sentimental associations, the details of which I am unable to share with you.

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Thursday 28 June 2012


Yes, it's Thursday again, accursed Thursday.


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Sunday 24 June 2012



Yes, bloody angry; most likely cause, fatigue - from constant thoughts of you-know-who.

I have never been able to understand the behaviour of those people whose lives have been blighted by the murder of their spouses or children etc., etc., who then meet up with the murderers and forgive them; even today I read that H.M. The Queen is to shake hands with that mass-murderer Martin blood-on-his-hands McGuinness.  Who is responsible for this outrage I wonder?  Surely it's not Her Majesty's idea?

I would never forgive - never, ever.  All terrorists should be summarily executed - I suggest a 9mm bullet in the back of the head.

So why the anger?  Because I am hoping to combat the fatigue by learning to hate my ex-girlfriend about whom I have been writing here these last five months.  With her disgusting, indeed contemptible behaviour, she has ruined my life and indeed she chose a time when I was at my most vulnerable.


There are two women from my past whom I hate and have hated for many years.  I will never forgive them, though of course the long passage of time has removed the pain.

As I have written, this last episode has been the joint worst of my life, the other occasion being caused by the same bitch thirty-one years ago; I have never been able to hate her - I told her this and since I was very close to suicide back in 1981, this is in itself a remarkable fact; I think that I have always loved her.

I still love her, but I'm working on it.

Women make me sick.

Until the next time.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

At 15:20 Today -


It was five calendar months since the last kiss.

And I still feel the same.

Isn't lurrvve wonderful?

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Friday 15 June 2012

A Gem from Rosamond Lehmann


In this case from her second - and under-rated - novel A Note in Music (1930):

Beauty is a visitor, coming without warning, transforming for an hour, a day - sometimes for longer; crumbling at a breath, vanished again.

Miss Lehmann was writing here about the countryside, but this certainly speaks to me in another connexion.

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Thursday 14 June 2012



No change, no change at all.

Truce gentle love, a parly now I crave,
Me thinks, 'tis long since these first wars begun,
Nor thou nor I, the better yet can have:
Bad is the match where neither party won.
I offer free conditions of faire peace,
My hart for hostage, that it shall remaine,
Discharge our forces heere, let malice cease,
So for my pledge, thou give me pledge againe.

                                               Michael Drayton

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Wednesday 6 June 2012

20/19 Desolation


Yes, twenty weeks since 19th January and nineteen, it follows, since 26th.

I am desolate and love her absolutely.

Once again, until the next time.

*Apologies about the "Recent Comments" gadget; at present I am obliged to use a Crapintosh so of course, nothing works properly.  Not that any of you ever comment; perhaps I'm too depressing?  Well the blog is entitled STYX after all...




I just heard the tail-end of an advertisement: it ran "Samsung the new smart TV..."

I presume that this means that man's ingenuity and inventiveness have finally come up with a television set that throws itself out of the window.

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Saturday 2 June 2012

Quotable Quotes


Three about women.

I daresay that these may offend some of you but perhaps attract sympathetic nods from many.

"Where there's trouble, there's usually a woman at the bottom of it."
 - Inspector Baines in Wistaria Lodge - A. Conan Doyle

" A woman drove me to drink, and I never had the courtesy to thank her."
- W.C. Fields

"Women make me sick."
 - Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler

"You can bet your last nickel
That women are fickle,
Says Popeye the Sailor Man."
- Popeye

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Since his nepotic assumption of the reins of power, I have never liked the cut of Bashar al-Assad's jib.

As subsequent events have shown, he is a cunt.

Someone once shouted at General de Gaulle: "Mort aux cons!"  The wise general responded: "Gros travail."

Plus ca change: President Putin re-elected with, no doubt 99.9% of the vote,* is also a cunt for continuing to support Bashar.

Mort aux cons!

Until the next time

* The miscreants (0.1%) will of course, be brought to book for their "mistakes" and receive a suitable term of "re-education" at the Josef Stalin Memorial Academy at Novosibirsk.


Friday 1 June 2012

A Health Unto Her Majesty


I have taken the liberty of using Her Majesty's Royal Standard to head this posting; I trust that the occasion of the celebration of her Diamond Jubilee will be seen as justification for this solecism.

It is normal on such occasions to look back over the past sixty years; many have done so and like to point to progress etc., etc.

Typically the "progress" since 1952 is - at least in my view - mixed.  I doubt that people in general are any happier than they were then.  And it seems that our politicians and major public figures are no better - if as good - as they were then.  

Only the Queen continues above it all.

That appalling creepy liar Blair, destroyed the House of Lords, a wonderful institution with 800 years of tradition.  I hope that any interference with our constitutional monarchy occurs long after I am gone from this vale of tears!

Long live the Monarchy - and a health unto Her Majesty!

Until the next time.


Nineteen and Eighteen

This will stay with me.  I do not want anyone else.

Bring back winter 2011 please.


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