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Sunday 2 March 2008

And yet another Twerp

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The fellow with the "Raspberry beret" (thank you Prince) is Hugo Chavez, loudmouthed president of oil-rich Venezuela.

This buffoon, whose chosen career path appears to be to upset as many people as possible, has made another balls-up - at least in my opinion.

Colombia, a neigbouring state, has had for forty years to try to deal with an insurgency from the dreadful Marxist FARC organisation - the taking of hostages has attracted wide coverage recently. The Colombian military went into Ecuadorian (Ecuador another neighbour) territory to attack a FARC camp there; the Ecuadorians according to the latest news have protested Colombia's actions, but unlike Chavez, have merely withdrawn their ambassador whilst stating that economic ties will remain unaffected.

Chavez's reaction? He has sent ten tank battalions and aircraft to the border and appears, according to this article to be threatening war or at least "sabre-rattling." What is the matter with this idiot? Would it not be preferable to support an operation to rid the territory of these terrorist gangsters? Not for Hugo Chavez who apparently supports the terrorists (whom he does not consider as terrorists).

Or is it that his "socialist" principles will not allow him to accept that the Colombian Government is supported by the USA? This of course is the answer, but by "mouthing off" the way he does, he will do no good at all.

What a world eh?

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