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Sunday 29 June 2008

"Dr" Robert Mugabe

My readers (all three of them) will be aware of my feelings about the disgusting individual named above; I have posted six times here on the subject of this stinking bum and his poor long-suffering country.

In fact thinking about him makes me so angry, that I will cut this posting short - and merely applaud the courage and bravery of MDC head Morgan Tsvangirai:

Brave man: Morgan Tsvangirai
Image source: here

Until the next time

Intel & Vista

Some time ago, there was a bit of a furore when it was discovered that Intel, the largest manufacturer of processors for computers, had offloaded a large quantity of processors claimed by the makers to be "Vista-capable"; it seems that the reverse was the case leaving I presume, a certain quantity of egg on Intel's corporate face.

Now according to this article in TechRepublic, it appears that Intel has no intention of using Vista; the company stated that it found "no compelling reason to upgrade to Vista."

In the comments by readers in TechRepublic there are some understanding and sensible explanations as to why this might be so.

Nevertheless, I am sure my readers will understand when I say that there are many compelling reasons for Intel not to "upgrade" to Vista!

Intel the next time...

One Vision of the Future

It's the Trons - the robot band.

In the past, critics have occasionally described some of the "boy" bands as being "manufactured". In this case the band has truly been manufactured.

For me, whilst the music is not especially exciting, it is infinitely preferable to "rap", "drum 'n' bass" etc.

Enjoy it!

Until the next time

Tuesday 17 June 2008

American Enthusiasm

Or one might say: "Sell, sell, sell"!

I was doing a bit of research into computer motherboards this evening, and came across this gem of a video, promoting a MSI motherboard. The fellow can hardly get the words out quickly enough and he is so dynamic! I am afraid that I am now sure that I was built for a more leisurely age - but this kind of dynamism reminds me of why the USA despite all its troubles, is so successful.

Until the next time

Saturday 14 June 2008

Almost "Poor Vista"? - The Vista Blues - x2

Hello again.

You will (at least if you read this blog) be aware of the misery I experienced with the awful Microsoft Vista, that was installed on the new PC I bought last October. The great thing with Vista though is that one is not alone: the sheer atrociousness of this operating system has been shouted from the rooftops far and wide.

Naturally, Apple's advertising agency could not leave this stone unturned:

Then there's the following: anyone who has had experience of Vista, but no longer has to use it (like me hurrah!) will roar with laughter as the visuals on this one:

Until the next time

Thursday 5 June 2008

Shutting the Stable Door after the Horse has Bolted

I have used the famous old English expression for the title above to illustrate the latest in regulations from the EU in Brussels, the home of interference, bossiness and waste.

This time it has been decided that the Pizza Napolitana must be thoroughly defined and protected. Now I can see the sense for Champagne, Sherry, certain types of cheese and in a perfect world, fine tobaccos, but a dish that was originally cobbled together from whatever was to hand, is to me, rather stretching credulity. And indeed, Napolitanas are produced in stupendous numbers, daily, around the world.

Here, from the BBC is a short video showing how to make a "Napolitana" and here is a link to the full article.

Now here are some pictures, all purporting to illustrate "Pizza Napolitana"; as may be seen ,they are all exactly alike (!):

Now, I should be interested to hear how many EU inspectors are going to be employed (at public expense of course) to ensure that henceforth Napolitanas meet the "standard" - or should that be "standards"??

Until the next time

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