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Sunday 31 May 2009

Another look at North Korea

In my recent piece about this secretive, pariah nation, the last Stalinist State in the world, I observed that North Korea is starving its population to build nuclear weapons and missiles.

Recent research however suggests that the "Dear Leader," Kim Jong-Il and the elite of the régime are managing to live very luxurious lives - whilst the remainder of the population relies on food aid. These facts are revealed by an organisation called North Korea Uncovered which has done a great deal of research about this mysterious state. I came across this via an article in the Daily Telegraph. The Telegraph piece includes a slide show which is well worth a look.

In my recent article I referred to the "deeply unattractive Kim Jong-Il, and so he is, but how about this fine fellow? He is the Dear Leader's eldest son, Kim Jong-nam and a possible candidate for the succession. A delightful prospect.

Picture source: Reuters-JNN via Daily Telegraph

Of course looks aren't everything are they? Perhaps he isn't a paranoid maniac?

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Saturday 30 May 2009

Vergatorio - are the wheels coming off?

Of course I am referring to President Chavez of Venezuela - again.

It seems that his career is starting to resemble a sort of low-budget version of that of the appalling Joesf Stalin at least in regard to micro-management and paranoia.

He has sacked, transferred and imprisoned many members of his military forces according to the New York Times; the General seen in the picture below, chatting with "Old Raspberry Beret," is currently in prison and says he will remain there until Chavez is no longer president. I hope he does not have to wait too long!

Chavez with General Baduel. Picture source: New York Times

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Friday 29 May 2009

North Korea

Hello again.

The recent news that North Korea has tested a nuclear weapon, and also launched a couple of missiles, reminded me that I have really given scant attention to this tragic failed state and its vergatorio of a ("dear") leader - the deeply unattractive Kim Jong-Il.

Yes North Korea, the country that cannot feed itself, yet has resources to build missiles and even nuclear weapons; not cheap undertakings even there.

Anyway a visit today to the excellent Dark Roasted Blend site, which I strongly recommend, provided a photograph perhaps even more terrifying than one of Kim-Jong-Il surrounded by all his brass-hats: North Korea's secret weapon...

Picture source: Dark Roasted Blend

They should be wearing sequinned swimsuits and be performing at the London Palladium - just like the Tiller Girls used to:

The Tiller Girls. Picture Source here

Altogether more wholesome I think and certainly less threatening.

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Thursday 28 May 2009

"Vergetario" strikes (yet) again

Yes, it's ol' Raspberry Beret again, every Venezuelan's favourite vergetario (probably not actually).

This time he has a real treat for his citizens: a four-day TV show starring - himself!

Christ! What a y-a-w-n!

Really I have to say - you couldn't make it up!

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Tuesday 12 May 2009

"Raspberry Beret" is at it again

Yes it's that (appalling) man again, up to his control tricks.

First, in an act reminiscent of that lunatic Mugabe, President Chavez of Venzuela has sent in troops to take control of foreign-owned oil service companies: "This is a revolutionary offensive" he says. Idiot. Already under pressure since the lower oil price makes his silly socialist schemes more difficult to sustain, this act will probably in the longer run have a serious impact on oil output. Just like Mugabe stealilng white-owned farms and giving them to his terrorist and murderous associates. Second, as you will see from the Telegraph article, he is trying to suppress the free press so in this respect he is copying his friends in Russia.

Well now, Raspberry Beret's latest brainwave is the introduction of a portable telephone, just the sort of thing for a President wouldn't you say?

Chavez has named the phone "Vergatario." This translates as "prick" meaning penis. (In French the word is "Verge" so French visitors are always amused when they see the English road-sign that reads "Warning: soft verge").

A prick with a prick
Image: Daily Telegraph

Chavez is a dangerous clown.

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