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Monday 3 March 2008

Almost too much for one day - Press Freedom again

Another story concerning press freedom - yes Muslim stuff yet again I am sorry to have to report.

"The freedom of speech must not be used to make a billion Muslims cry," says one Spanta, Afghan foreign minister. Why not? and more to the point what are they crying about? In any case, the hated Western countries are, under the auspices of the United Nations (don't forget) spending billions and sacrificing the lives of their soldiers to try to bring order to his bordel of a country.

Ingratitude I call it.

Meanwhile that first-class liar, President Omar al Bashir of Sudan has excelled himself thus:

"We are a friendly nation and we're a peaceful country."

As a "Sarf" Londoner might remark "He's having a laugh ain't he?" I doubt if the hundreds of thousands of Darfuri refugees would agree with al Bashir.

Until the next time.

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Paul said...

Yes, al-Bashir belongs in your "Bandits" series! Keep up the good work.