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Saturday 15 March 2008

So that's what the EU does with all that Microsoft Money

You might have deduced that I am not a "fan" of the European Union. I consider it to be excessively bureaucratic, inefficient, wasteful, extravagant, excessively interventionist and probably unnecessary. The fact that for years the EU's auditors have refused to sign-off the accounts is just the cherry on the cake for me.

This article from Techcrunch has drawn my attention to another aspect of the EU's activities: subsidies in the area of search engine design. I think that the writer of the article has every reason to be cynical although of course he is writing from the American point of view.

To whet your appetite, here's the opening paragraph from the article:

"Now I get it - The EU takes money from the Microsoft ATM with one hand, and then invests it in a sure-to-fail “Google Killer” with the other."

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