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Friday 14 March 2008

More noise from South America

It sems that President Correa of Ecuador is endeavouring to raise his personal profile by trying to out-"motormouth" his friend and neighbour, "Raspberry Beret" Chavez of Venzuela.

He is upset that President Bush of the USA offered strong support for Colombia's cross-border raid on a FARC guerilla camp just inside Ecuador.

This article from the IHT includes the following quote:

But Correa clearly remains angry over the raid — as well as over Colombian allegations that documents found on a rebel leader's laptop computer show Correa's administration cooperating with the guerrillas in some areas and that the rebels had contributed to Correa's campaign.

My view? (Anybody listening?) is that if Correa's country chooses to allow these terrorists (for that is what they undoubtedly are) to set up camp, he can expect trouble which of course is what he has had. It is typical of such hypocrites to whinge afterwards.

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