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Wednesday 9 October 2013


I see that the president of Tanzania has announced that in future, the rangers who attempt to protect the wild life in Tanzania's national parks will be operating a "shoot-to-kill" policy with regard to the numerous poachers that are operating there.  I fully applaud this announcement: these poachers have killed and indeed are killing, a vast number of elephants for the Chinese ivory trade.  Recently these vermin went so far as to poison a water-hole with cyanide; disgusting.

Even more disgusting some booby announced that such a policy would "infringe" the human rights of the poaching scum.  What utter bollocks!  What "human rights?"  It's so simple: DON'T POACH AND DON'T GET SHOT.  The Chinese government could (but won't) do something about this distressing business; in fact the Chinese government is generally very consistent in being unhelpful - e.g. as in the case of Syria or its support for the repellent "Dr" Robert Mugabe.

Next, the Advertising Standards Authority has decided to ban the Home Office campaign which warned illegal imigrants that they should clear out.  Why?  Just as with the poachers it's simple: DON'T ARRIVE HERE ILLEGALLY - WE DO NOT WANT YOU.

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