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Thursday 6 March 2014

634: Nick Clegg - What an Artist!

A ban has been proposed on the unpleasant practices used by certain religious groups in regard to the slaughter of their meat animals.  Orthodox Jews and Moslems insist that the animals should have their throats cut whilst they are conscious and thus bled to death.

It has been proposed that the animals should first be stunned. 
This has caused outrage amongst those who wear the funny clothes; "It's reely offensive" said some silly bitch in a headscarf on the TV news this evening.

Defenders of these outdated and barbaric practices have suggested that the stunning process can go wrong and thus cause "more suffering."  Pathetic, truly pathetic and of course, profoundly unconvincing.

Nick Clegg that weather-vane incarnate has decided that there should not be a ban.

Where that will leave him with the anti-hunting, tree-hugging, little-furry-animal lovers in his party, one simply cannot imagine.  Perhaps he imagines that his dying party will be embraced by religious fanatics?  Who can tell how his mind works?

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