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Saturday 1 March 2014

628: Ukraine III

It is somewhat curious that over the last few days, the number of visits to this blog has plunged dramatically.  Could it be that with my 627th post concerning the two ghastly "holy warriors" who have been sent to gaol for a jolly long time, I have put people off?  Well I state here and now that I have no intention of moderating my opinions in order to make recognisance of their "(in)human rights."

So, on to today's rant.  This one concerns that megalomaniac, President Putin. 

What a neck this bastard has!  Does he imagine that we are so stupid as to believe that the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine are in such danger as to justify the invasion of a sovereign state by 6000 soldiers and their associated armoured vehicles? 

I wrote recently on this subject in speculative mode, suggesting that Putin might be grinding his teeth in the face of the Ukrainians daring to throw out their president, whose personal corruption would appear to be sufficient even to discountenance an African politician.

Being well aware of President Obama's weakness and lack of resolve, decent bloke though he is (think about the Syrian "red line" poison-gas farce for example) and the remarkable ineptitude of the European Union, Putin probably feels that he can get away with this just as he did in Georgia in 2008; after all nobody did anything about that did they?

I was wondering today how it is that Russia with a GDP roughly the same as Italy's, and therefore about 20% smaller than that of the UK can afford her enormous armed forces.  I suppose that this is achieved by the simple expedient of keeping most of the population poor.

Give that man a Nobel Peace Prize!

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

here we are on the eve of destruction again. America already threatening retaliation. Russia pursuing its expansionism...

of course ,there is more profit in arming people than feeding them.

Teach a man to fish he`ll eat fish. Give a man a gun and he`ll eat whatever the hell he wants. O`

Paul said...

I doubt very much that Obama will do anything; the Republicans would probably never allow it. After all as I wrote, they didn't do anything in Syria which was a relatively easy target - if not geopolitically, certainly militarily - al-Assad should have been liquidated.
Putin is Mr super-macho man - and he will eat whatever he likes, and no bugger is prepared or willing to stop him. In this light, it's worth remembering Czechoslovakia, 1938, Munich and Neville Chamberlain. Meanwhile there is quite a number of distinctly unappetising types on the side of the ostensible "goodies" in Kiev!
What a bloody mess.