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Thursday 13 March 2014

642: China and Flight MH370

The news released this evening by the BBC, showing satellite images of what is purportedly the wreckage of the aircraft that disappeared on Saturday, confirms that the Chinese have  excellent satellite technology.  One presumes sadly that there is no hope for the passengers and crew of the aircraft.

The involvement of the Chinese satellite service was confirmed by something called the ‘People’s Liberation Army.’

I was interested to read this; since China has an army carrying that illustrious name, one might just be forgiven (if one were an oik, chav or thicko) for thinking that by virtue of the fact, the Chinese people are ‘liberated.’

I doubt if any Chinese citizen (apart of course from the Liberation Army itself and the no doubt substantial secret police) is able or permitted to read decadent and cynical posts such as those that appear on this blog.  If however this is not the case, please would one reader be kind enough to tell me what it feels like to be liberated?  I can assure any reader that liberty these days is a relative, not an absolute state.

Until the next time (after the  cynical laughter has ceased)

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