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Friday 7 March 2014

635: Ukraine VI: Putin's Anchlüss

I have changed the flag since the previous one doesn't work any more and is thus embarrassing.

Putin really needs to read a history book, but only as far back as September 1939.  What he should do is have some of his thugs dress up in Ukrainian uniforms and then have them blow up a Russian radio station near the border.  Then, like his spiritual predecessor Hitler, he could go to war which is what, quite obviously he wants.

Instead we have a bunch of third-rate Russian oiks swaggering about and insulting the country in which they have no business at all.  Ironically, some of them raided a Ukrainian TV station and stole some equipment.

Veritably a triumph for Russian arms eh?

Putin, who could stop all this crap with a word, is quite obviously a criminally-irresponsible shit.

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Anonymous said...

There seems to be no taking account of the oligarchs and their iron fist of gangsterism that rules real issues in the conflict. Oil, guns, drugs, people trafficking, money laundering and smuggling. All organised by Putins billionaire buddies.


Paul said...

I would be highly nervous were I an oligarch in Russia; think of Khordakovsky for example.

Meanwhile, Abramovich is smart, very smart; he has either greased a lot of palms and/or got lots of money into Switzerland, Lichenstein, Netherlands Antilles, British Virgin Islands etc., etc. Oh yes, and a football club...