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Monday 10 March 2014

639: Ukraine VII (er, and China)

The BBC tells us today that the Chinese are demanding action from Malaysia – since many Chinese citizens were on the aircraft that tragically disappeared on Saturday last.
Whilst of course I sympathise with those who are related to, or friends with, those in the aircraft concerned, I am interested that the Chinese – that is the Chinese authorities, actually have a voice.

Apart from a brief statement last week the Chinese government has had nothing to say - at least publicly, about the Russian thuggish behaviour and/or Russian-inspired thuggish behaviour in Ukraine.

Russia and China in the tragic communist era had many differences; latterly it seems that their domineering governments have much in common.  If you doubt my word, consider their inhumane and complete disregard of events in Syria (and yes, I know that the Russians, finally and grudgingly assisted in connexion with the disposal of al-Assad’s horrible chemical weapons).  A little concerted action (for ONCE) in the UN Security Council could perhaps avert a great deal of misery for the people these ghastly governments claim to represent.

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