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Thursday 27 February 2014

627: The Murderers of Drummer Lee Rigby

After some reflection, I have decided that the sentences handed down to these vermin (a whole-life sentence for one and 45 years behind bars for the other) are entirely appropriate and correct.  I'll explain.

My initial feeling was that a KGB-style execution i.e. a 9mm bullet into the back of the neck would be the correct treatment.

Later I thought that perhaps a small-calibre, flat-nosed, low-velocity round at the base of the spine might be better. But despite the appalling cost to the taxpayer to keep these fanatics in prison for donkey's years, I am now content.

What changed my mind?  Two things: first, the idea that they will have to wait for years for their reward of 72 virgins, which apparently their debased version of Islam promises so called "martyrs" and second, the possibility that their fellow prisoners might feel inclined to give the revolting pair the thorough kicking that they so richly deserve.

I cannot remember what silly names the unpronounceable pair adopted as part of their laughably-named holy war campaign and I certainly will not bring myself even to attempt it nor to include their original absurd names. How about "Abou al prat" and Ahmed al Shithead?  Sums it up eh?

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