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Wednesday 19 February 2014

623: Sylvia von Harden: THAT Image

Nearly four years ago, I wrote a piece about Otto Dix's famous portrait of journalist Sylvia von Harden.  Now, I find that many of my visitors here seem to have picked on that particular post when visiting these erratic pages.  What is this fascination with this famous image I wonder; why has Dix's painting impressed so many?

As I reported in my original post, the image has been a popular inspiration for the parodists; for example here's the original with the Barbie version:

Daily Mail

 And inevitably there are some even more bizarre versions:



And finally (for now):

And there are many, many more, which tells me that with this iconic portrait, Otto Dix created a truly classic image.  Sadly I have no talent in the artistic line, otherwise perhaps I would have a go!

Until the next time.

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