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Saturday 22 February 2014

624: Ukraine

One can only be awed by the determination of the Ukrainian populace to express themselves in the face of three months of freezing weather and the violent attempts by the Interior Ministry police to break up the protests.

Once again we have seen that a peaceful demonstration (as so many begin) has gradually become violent; the causes of course are 1) the obduracy of the government and 2) the probable influx of tougher elements amongst the protestors.
I'd be willing to bet that Tsar Putin, no doubt depressed by recent events, must have been grinding his teeth, reflecting on the glory days of the KGB, when those be-medalled thugs knew how to deal with protests - oh yes!  Tanks, tanks, tanks. In his present role, I suppose he has considered turning off the gas or at least applying one of his price rises!

Anyway it seems as though the protestors are gradually getting their way, with the President, Yanukovich, apparently in hiding somewhere in the east of the country and other high-rankers having sloped off carrying their suitcases of cash - rather like the sort of events that used to occur in certain South American republics.

Very heartwarming is the news that all over the country, statues of mass-murderer and tyrant Lenin have been pulled down.  One wonders why they remained upright so long.

My hope is that the protestors' organisation will have sufficient integrity and control to ensure that the extreme elements are not permitted to influence the outcome.

In the meantime, best wishes to them.


Erik Bartlam said...

There is something undeniably heartwarming about any scene of people off the street making fools of governing authorities...at least for me.

As you say...it's the fall that's worrisome. Hoping for the best too.

Paul said...

Thank you Erik for your comment.

I am however, concerned about possible ructions from the Crimea and the east - that is if Yanukovich has any friends left there!