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Monday 17 February 2014

618: An Independent Scotland

I was much amused today by the ridiculous posturings of Mr Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party (= Labour in a Kilt).  I think that he is a little desperate.

The BBC news carried an extract in which Salmond said that "George Osborne" (Mr Osborne to you, pleb.) had "no right" to exclude Scotland from the pound sterling.

Bollocks.  It is the Treasury, not the politicians who have issued this ruling.  

In fact I doubt very much if the Scots would be foolish enough to seek independence.  Who will then pay for their outrageously generous policies?

His reaction to Signor Barroso, big chief of the EU, who stated that for an independent Scotland to join the EU would be "difficult" was even funnier. The increasingly unstable First Minister claimed that Scotland was already a member!

Sorry Mr Salmond; the UK is indeed a member, much to the regret of many British subjects; Scotland is not.

Time for the reality pills Mr Salmond; after all, I believe that prescriptions are free in Scotland are they not?

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