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Monday 24 February 2014

625: Ukraine II

It is reported today that Russian Prime minister (and sometime president) M. Dimitri Medvedev has questioned the legitimacy of the current rulers in Ukraine following last week's upheaval; "an armed mutiny" he calls it.  It is a typically one-sided statement - so common from the Russians (and indeed from the Chinese on occasion).  When the so-called democratically-elected president and his cronies choose to employ snipers to shoot dead unarmed (note that word) protestors, how are the people expected to react M. Medvedev? Another Russian commentator described the result as "mob rule," not bad shorthand for democracy eh!

And I expect that certain persons in the Russian ruling class are perhaps feeling a little uncomfortable at the revelations that on his reported modest salary, the erstwhile president of the Ukraine found himself in a position to acquire a remarkably luxurious country residence.

People stare through windows of Mezhyhirya residence
M. Yanukovich's Dining-Room (BBC Image)

And then there are the cars that have been uncovered!

I recall a news item about a year or so ago concerning a vast palace being constructed in Russia; I suppose that we can all guess who commissioned that one! (N.B. whilst they can sometimes be synonymous, there is a vast difference in modern usage at least, between the terms a "ruling class" and an "aristocracy"; the latter term will not be seen hereabouts in regard to Russia - ever - except of course in an historical context).

It is perhaps surprising to the Russian P.M. that the Ukrainian Parliament actually voted for these changes which were were not imposed by means of tanks and/or "Spetsnaz" forces...

Finally, I note with interest that the pro-Russian supporters in Kharkov have cordoned off the statue of Lenin that stands in the main square.  Good God! And I thought that I was a reactionary!

And on that point, I see that "they" are doing it again: Lvov is now Lviv and Kharkov is now Kharkiv; file with Beijing, Innuits, Myanmar, Mao Ze Dong, Mumbai, "Ken-ya" and all the rest of that revisionist crap, which I do my best to ignore.

Until the next time.

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