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Wednesday 2 March 2011

Libya IV: Two Lunatics in Accord

The two are of course the fatheaded Hugo Chavez of Venezuela ("Raspberry Beret" in these pages) and the clearly deranged Colonel Gadaffi.

Both say that all the fuss is connected with the fact that the wicked western powers intend to colonise Libya and seize its oil.

It is ironic that it has been Gadaffi who has been claiming that the protesters (who of course don't exist according to the colonel since everybody loves him) have been affected by the hallucinogenic drugs given to them by Al Quaeda.

No colonel, I think it's someone else who has been on the jazz Woodbines!

Until the next time.


banned said...

I agree, it is all an evil plot by the CIA in league with South American narco bandits, the Moslem Brotherhood and Al Quaeda.

Paul said...

Ha ha!

Well I'd be the last to think that any of the organisations you listed are in a position to claim the moral high ground, but the absurd assertions coming from the world's oddballs rather suggest to me a hint of desperation.