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Friday, 18 March 2011

Too Little, Too Late, Horses and Stable Doors

The news last night, welcome here at least, that the UN Security Council had voted in favour of a "no-fly" zone and other unspecified military measures, certainly provided a cause for celebration in Benghazi.

However, less than 24 hours later, we see that Gadaffi's troops are at the gates of the city, unhindered today in their rapid advance from Ajdabiya. Meanwhile, there is to be a conference tomorrow in Paris where members of the newly-formed coalition will discuss (I suppose) the realities of instituting the "no-fly" zone.

Given that the coalition has assured us all that there is to be no occupying force on the ground in Libya (and UN Resolution 1973 does not authorise this) and the well-known saw that wars are never won from the air, one feels that when asked to retreat, withdraw etc., Gadaffi who appears to hold nearly all the cards at present, will simply say "No."

And then what?

A week too late I think.

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