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Sunday 20 March 2011

Guess Who's Stuck His Oar In!

Yep! It's old Raspberry Beret again.

He says that the USA (note not the UN) is seeking to take Libya's oil. I have to say that Gaddafi and his crackpot South American analogue Chavez, make a perfect pair.

Meanwhile I see that Moussa, secretary-general of the Arab League, has been trying to move the goal posts, saying that the military action was not what he expected for the construction of a no-fly zone. This is the man who was present at the Paris summit yesterday! Perhaps he believes that the coalition pilots should simply ignore anti-aircraft installations, merely trusting in (Mussa's) God?

And in another rant from Gaddafi he is now, in addition to the usual crap about pinching his oil, claiming that the coalition is "attacking Islam" He is obviously getting desperate.

Here's a report that has just appeared on the BBC's live Libyan Crisis report:

More from Venezuela's president on the air and missile strikes on Libya: Speaking on his weekly television and radio programme, Hugo Chavez condemned the "indiscriminate bombing " claimed the US was after Libya's oil. "Libya is under imperial fire. Nothing justifies this, he said. "Who gave those countries the right?* Neither the United States, nor France, nor England, nor any country has the right to be dropping bombs." Mr Chavez added: "Let's try to help, to intercede between the parties. A ceasefire, sitting down at a table. That's the path when facing conflicts of this sort."

*The answer President Hugo, is the United Nations... Last time I looked it up, Venezuela is a member.

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