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Thursday 10 March 2011

A Damned Good Idea

Let's face it: Gadaffi is an arsehole; similarly his bizarre and ranting son: "We are not a Mickey Mouse"...

After the balls-up in Iraq, the world in general seems rather cautious, understandable perhaps given that there is a war to win in Afghanistan.

So there is a petition to sign, asking the UN Security Council to implement a "no-fly zone" in Libya, the aim being to achieve 1,000,000 signatures. I have signed, though I have to say that place names like Tobruk and Benghazi suggest to me that a more robust response would be appropriate...

I doubt that Field-Marshal Rommel or The Auk would have done so much hand-wringing! Of course we live in different times and a different world. So for example, the British Government can waste time and money discussing plain cigarette packets whilst civilians in Libya are being murdered by their own government.

Thanks to Banned for the link to the petition.

Until the next time.


banned said...

You are welcome Paul though as I mentioned to 'George' at my place a Gov Spokesthing was on the radio today promising no unilateral intervention (Hooray!) but tht they would rush through agreement on a no-fly zone at the UN, the Arab League, the Pan African Congress and the Gulf Co-Operation Council. (No mention of Cafe Ashtray, EU High Representative for Foreign Stuff)

Should only take a year, or two.

Unknown said...

liked your blog you can go ok!