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Saturday 19 March 2011

Going In Large

Well now, yesterday I posted two pieces, the first suggesting that the UN decision to implement a no-fly zone plus other measures was "too little, too late" whilst the second stated that the first casualty of war is the truth.

As for the first of the articles, I must admit that any military credentials I might have been thought to possess have been shattered. Yes, Gadaffi's men are in Benghazi, but soon they will find themselves it seems, without any means of supply. And stupidly, I had not imagined that the UN-sanctioned coalition would go in so hard and so quickly. It seems that the French began operations even whilst the Paris summit was in progress. And now I read that already 112 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles have been fired at Libyan air defence facilities. This is serious stuff. I imagine that the coalition allies are expecting the supporters of Gadaffi to start to distance themselves from the régime.

As for the second post, the Libyan statements given out today include the biggest lie I have ever come across viz: "We have not fired a single bullet at any of our people" And as for your cease-fire... Dear oh dear.

For Gawd's sake Muammar! We might be "infidels" but we are not bloody stupid.

And a message for your supporters: no, nobody harbours colonial ambitions towards Libya and neither does anyone intend to steal your oil!

Wake up!

Until the next time

Edit/Update: Just heard an interview with a Tripoli resident who spoke frankly - and very bravely. he lives about 500 metres from an air base which was the target of coalition-launched missiles. He put the lie to Libyan Government claims of civilian casualties: he was very impressed with what he called "good shooting", in particular citing the case of a Land-Rover AA vehicle being destroyed with a single shot. He added that the people were in the street watching these events! He went on to describe Gadaffi as a man who "has run out of ideas" Perhaps he was correct; now Gadaffit is threatening civilian targets in the Mediterranean. Nothing new there, bearing in mind Lockerbie of course and Gadaffi's support for the repulsive IRA.

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