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Friday 4 March 2011

Good News for Smokers

Yes, there is good news, but sadly nowhere near Europe.

This excellent story comes from Frank Davis's blog:

Unfortunately, of course this comes from the country ruled by the remarkably fatheaded Hugo Chavez ("Raspberry Beret"), though it's nice to have somegood news from that part of the world for a change.

Not often smokers hear any good news. So this is one to enjoy.

March 3,2011 CARACAS -- Venezuela’s Ministry of Health has annulled by decree an anti-smoking law which would have prohibited smoking in public places and offices of work a day after it was published. By contrast to the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, Venezuela is one of the few countries that still allowed smoking in a wide variety of public places, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and stadiums.

A day after the anti-smoking law was printed in the Official Gazette, the annulment resolution was published in the Official Gazette. All laws must be published in the government's Official Gazette to be official. The text read: “to declare the absolute annulment of the resolution of environments free of smoke identified by number 014 and the date of February 24.” No motive or explanation was given for the sudden annulment.

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1 comment:

banned said...

I noticed that at the time; unelected brutal dictatorship bowing to the popular will or brave anti-colonialist strongman refusing to bow down to Washingtons demands for a smoke-free world? Dunno.

Meanwhile a Slovakian commenter at Leg-Iron informs that they enforced 'smoke-free' bars for about two weeks, "we told the EU to f*ck off". I feel a weekend break in Bratislava coming on.