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Tuesday 30 September 2008

XP - Likely to Outlive Vista!

Source: Here

A fascinating article arrived today. Published in Redmondmag.com the article suggests that XP is not showing signs of lying down. The article even suggests that with its current 87% usage figure, it is likely that users will wait for the arrival of Windows 7 in 2010 -11.

A factor in the equation is the fact that given the current economic gloom, companies are most likely to hold back on new hardware purchases, and since it is well known that Vista's "bloat" requires considerable hardware resources, the companies will be obliged to continue with XP.

And since Microsoft will not be keen on upsetting the potential huge market for 7, it follows that support for XP may well be maintained.

Not good news or the hardware manufacturers, or for Vista, but good news for XP fans like me.

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