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Wednesday 24 September 2008

Electroinsanity - and Hackaday

These maniacs have built an enormous capacitor rated at 24 kilo-joules which they apparently charge up from a microwave oven transformer. Now I don't think that I can explain to you what 24 kilo-joules represents, but it looks like a lot to me.

I found this video on a site called Hackaday, which covers much, much more than mere "Electroinsanity." There are hacks to be found there for everything from cellphones to Xboxes. There are also other maniacal things - such as how to destroy a hard drive - permanently - using Thermite, which is pretty spectacular.

So if you have some technical nous and time weighing heavily on your hands, pay a visit. All most entertaining I must say.

Until the next time.

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