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Tuesday 9 September 2008

More HTML Grief

Further to my rant about the appalling HTML, I must apologise to my readers.  When the blog went "tits up" yesterday and wrecked my post, it did another nasty thing.  Links are meant to appear in orange - to contrast nicely with the black background.  Now they are dark blue.  I have checked in the settings and indeed it SAYS that they are orange... That's HTML for you - and the same thing happened on another blog I run.  I cannot change the colour of links.  I must make it absolutely clear that until this evening, I had not changed or even looked at the settings for weeks.

I am afraid that I am unwilling to change the colour of the overall blog, so until Google, the providers of the BLOGGER service, find a way to operate without HTML (which obviously doesn't work properly) I must ask you to put up with the dark-blue links.

Addendum: I have found a way  out of this nightmare: each time I enter a link I have to change the colour of the word manually - you will still see a dark-blue underline, but of course I have no control over that.

Apologies again.

Until the next time

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