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Wednesday 10 September 2008

Sub-Atomic News

Driving past CERN this morning about four minutes before the big event, I had half hoped to see a bunch of demonstrators from PETH (People for Ethical Treatment of Hadrons) but sadly I saw them not.  I did see a lot of news agency types with cameras and vans with satellite dishes on the top.  There was a bunch of them outside Entrance A on the Route de Meyrin.  They were busy capturing images of people arriving at work in their cars.  Should make for rivetting TV.  

I reflected that as the real action is below ground, there was little to catch "upstairs" so to speak; I suppose they were waiting for a statement from Dr A. Spokesman.

On my journey home, the numbers appeared to have increased slightly...

The BBC reports a successful start-up which I think is good news - I wish the team at CERN all the best with this exciting project.

And Google has joined in the fun too!

Image Source: Wikipedia

Finally for those of you who feel that we are all about to be sucked into a black hole or vapourised etc., there is an entertaining little piece on Wired

Until the next time

And there's more:

A pitcure from CERN's control room following the first tests:

Image source: Here

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