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Tuesday 16 September 2008

Unanswered Questions: 9/11 - Loosechange

Typically of those "Can you remember what you were doing when...?" questions, I can recall distinctly where I was and what I was doing when the news came through that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center had been attacked by hi-jacked aircraft on 11th September, 2001. I was at work and can remember a colleague saying "Oh God! Bush will press the button!" I can also remember replying "And whom will he target?"

Since then - that is up to now - I have had the conventional view of the tragedy, that is that a group of Arab terrorists under the direction of Osama Bin Laden planned and mounted the attacks.

The following film, I am afraid lasts over two hours. I didn't think that I could find time to watch it, but once I weakened and watched for five minutes, I was utterly hooked.

As my title suggests, the film raises many significant unanswered questions: perhaps the most disturbing image is the footage of the collapse of Building 7 in the World Trade Center. This really requires a convincing explanation; depressingly it seems that this explanation is unlikely ever to be presented. There are other disturbing images of course, such as the descriptions of the backgrounds of those making up the 9/11 Commission!

I have to offer a "thank-you" to William Skyvington for including this film on his excellent blog Antipodes.

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

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