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Tuesday 9 September 2008

Pack Your Bags*

*"Faites vos valises" says CM on her excellent and always interesting blog Jour Après Jour adding that "Le fin du monde est prévue pour Mercredi 10 Septembre 2008." (The end of the world is expected on Wednesday, 10th September 2008).

She is of course, referring to the switching-on of the Large Hadron Collider experiment tomorrow and to demonstrate the point has found an excellent video which shows beautifully what happens when the Earth meets a black hole.

I hope she will not mind the fact that I have shared the video.

In return: Read Jour Après Jour!!

Until the next time*

*If there is a next time: tomorrow morning I shall be driving right past CERN , so if the little black hole finds me irresistible, this will be my last post.


cm said...

According to France Inter, the activity will start at 9 am and is to be continued for several years - so pay attention!

P.S. It is not MY video.

Paul said...

9 a.m.? Ah, well I shall pass CERN about ten minutes early, but I'll pass by in the evening too.

I shall be watching for a sensation of slight warmth...

As for the video, it was of course, your discovery