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Saturday 27 September 2008

Paul Newman: 1925 - 2008

Image source: BBC

Paul Newman, actor, racing driver, race team owner, former UN ambassador (disarmament), man of many good works and all-round good bloke, has died.

I know it's corny to say so, but the world would be a better place perhaps if there were more like him.

To finish, a couple of quotes:

"The light that you think you emanate is not necessarily the light that other people see. You think of yourself as a shy, retiring whatever it is, and some other people will see you in an entirely different way. ... You have to constantly learn. Obviously, you have to start with some kind of gift, but people don't understand that. ... I don't have a gift for anything. I've only had a gift of pursuit." — 1990.

"I used to make three pictures a year, and now I make a picture every three years. Things change. There have been a lot of good things out there, but they weren't the kind of pictures that I wanted to make. I didn't want to do pictures about explosions. I don't want to do pictures about shattered glass and broken bodies and blood. That just doesn't interest me." 2002.

(Source: Associated Press)

And a quote from a critic:

"But what really made everyone out there like him was that he became the rebel with a cause. As Cool Hand Luke or Butch Cassidy, Newman gave his audiences a vicarious thrill by thumbing his nose at an unjust society. ... It wasn't the blue eyes. It was the red blood and the gray matter." — "The 100 Greatest Stars of All Time," Entertainment Weekly. (Newman is No. 13.)

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P.S. The Boston Globe has produced a fine obituary

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