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Thursday 30 May 2013

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

In this post that I submitted the other day, I referred to transportation to the South Sandwich Islands as a suitable method of dealing with Islamist (or in fact any) religious extremists, terrorists etc.

On Monday this week, owing to the fact that the only newspaper left at the newsagent was The Independent, I came across an article by Miss Alibhai-Brown.  She wrote: 

"And at moments of high tension, the most liberal and democratic of us fantasise about transporting them all [Islamist fanatics] to a remote cold island, their own dismal caliphate where they could preach to each other and die."

Could it be possible that Miss Alibhai-Brown had seen my article?  Otherwise it came as quite a shock that she might have something in common with this writer, but as is well known, life is "full of surprises" usually in my experience, unpleasant ones.  I must say that "dismal caliphate" is a well-turned phrase, but implying (at least, I draw the inference) that there might be something undemocratic about transporting these ordures is surely erroneous.  How many of Miss Alibhai-Brown's fellow Britons would be likely to support such a scheme?

Quite a few I should say.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

I`ll support a scheme that sub-contracts our prisons to Indonesia or Turkey.


Paul said...


1: too warm
2: Turkey too close to the likes of Syria and Iran
3: Indonesia too close to Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

I do admit to a liking of the idea of subcontract prisons for our more heinous offenders but I take your point.....

South Sandwich it is then..0`

Paul said...

Yes and I should say that Turkey is definitely off the menu right now!

Anonymous said...

Turkey is a very good client of our arms trade.... `0

Paul said...

Does this suggest that therefore, Turkey is in a good position to shoot our transported prisoners?

At that rate one might as well send them to Syria where they might be exterminated using Russian bullets!

Anonymous said...

It`ll be British bullets soon enough..........0000000000000`

Paul said...

I'm not so sure about that, despite the news yesterday that has confirmed what we already knew - that Assad has been using SARIN gas on his population.

The French were initially very keen to arm the rebels, quickly folllowed by the UK, with the US rather more cautious.

However since it seems that many of the rebels may well be as much arseholes as the regime and its repulsive Hizbollah supporters, the western powers might decide to let them continue to murder and torture each other indefinitely thus awarding a diplomatic victory to Putin's mob.