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Thursday 23 May 2013


Not much to say on this topic.

The disgusting attack on a British soldier in broad daylight carried out by a pair of deranged Islamist scum is of course, profoundly shocking.  I am delighted that the pair were shot by the police and I hope that pain they will have to endure will persuade them that their Allah is not perhaps as merciful as they were inclined to believe; perhaps they were hoping to be shot dead and thus collect their heavenly reward of 72 virgins?

I would like to think that some good might come out of this appalling crime in that the government will finally show some real balls, ignore the bloody EU and kick out some of these extremist scum (e.g. Abu Qatada).  These islamist cretins merely serve to build up hatred and cause social divisions in this country; it is good to see that the Muslim Council has unreservedly condemned the attack - as of course they should.

Depressing though it was to hear that some young fanatics expressed themselves pleased at the outrage.  These perverted vermin should be put down; they merely serve to encourage the nasty lower-class yobs in the English Defence League as has already been demonstrated.

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