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Wednesday 15 May 2013

More Dishonourable Behaviour

My article three weeks ago referring to Lord Carrington is once again in the forefront of my mind.

Today the BBC tells me that the "Chief Executive" of Oxfordshire County Council, one Miss Symons, will not be resigning following the disgraceful case where a bunch of Asian scum (why are they here?) "groomed" young girls for sexual purposes; the girls were raped.  One assumes that a number of lives have been ruined.

It has emerged that the one of the mothers of one of the girls had approached the Council for assistance in this regard and that the Council conspicuously failed to act - "the door was slammed in my face."

Were this third-rate CEO to have a scintilla of honour, she would have resigned by now.

Of course she hasn't; that's the way moral responsibility is viewed these days. Such people are paid vast salaries for the responsibility they undertake; should their organisations fail - as Miss Symons admits hers has - then they should go.

I should add that the police have also failed in this case - there are no reported resignations; perhaps someone will retire early on "medical grounds" and on a full pension; I would not be at all surprised.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

perhaps there are grains of truth in the various conspiracy theories regarding the sexual proclivities of Police/Church/Politicians/Broadcasters....Harriet Harman and her relationship with P.I.E is suspect for a start.......shoot the lot of them.........o`

Paul said...

I recomed SACKINGS - without compensation.

Anonymous said...

....or obscene pensions......then shoot them.

The social services network has so many private enterprise tentacles that officers are just very well paid beaurocrats servicing the likes of G4S and the Care industry.....bit like the N.H.S.in a couple of years.
I still believe that these things should not be in the hands of big business conglomerates with no moral compass.

its not about left and right ,its about right and wrong.


Paul said...

No: shooting for rape and murder.