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Friday 24 May 2013

WOOLWICH - An Afterthought

Since it is politically impossible these days, in the West at least to execute the sort of vermin who carried out yesterday's attack, for me this begs the question about what could we actually do with these appalling people - and the perverted maniacs who "radicalise" them.

I suggest that the penalty of transportation, to British territory elsewhere be reinstated; why not?  We would not be "infringing their human rights" by deporting them to countries who have a better idea of how to deal with terrorists, and anyway, tragically many of these people actually have British passports.

I see with interest that the South Sandwich Islands, British sovereign territory in the South Atlantic, are unoccupied and have been since we kicked out the illegal Argentinian base that was installed there in 1978.

So it's very simple: gather together the murderers and thugs who pervert the name of Islam with their deranged activities, and their horrible hate-purveying ranters (e.g. Abu Qatada), give them 50 sheep and some packets of seeds and deposit them in the South Atlantic.  Problem solved - and of course this punishment will apply to any other "radicals" who try to stir up trouble.  The climate there should cool their ardour a little and there would be the added bonus of their presence being likely to dissuade the Argentinians from attempting another take-over!  Since the climate may well be a bit too tough for the sheep (though I dare say there may be some hardy breed) I suppose we might stretch a point and give them some fishing tackle!

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

hi....while that which you postulate might seem to be an answer....what are we really going to do?....lets not end up like Sweden


Anonymous said...

don`t fret, Cameron will sort it all out .....oh, he`s gone on his holidays..........


Paul said...

Well I see that Sweden is already suffering from an all-too-liberal immigration policy!

Paul said...

I don't see why the PM shouldn't have a holiday; these days to be PM is a rotten job; I wouldn't want it. And he doesn't need to be here except for window-dressing purposes, and after all, there are telephones.