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Thursday, 13 June 2013

More Ranting

As far as this writer is concerned there are always suitable subjects for rage, angst, grief etc.

First, how I loathe the clichés used by politicians viz: "In real terms since 1979/1997/2010;" in response to any question: "What is important..." and currently, the infuriating expression "Hard-working families."  Grrr.

Second, bloody religion.  The Sunni versus Shia battles - these people are even worse than the Prods and Caatholics in Ireland.  Stupid, stupid people.  Grrr.

Third, the decline and progressive emaciation of the English language.  The Daily Telegraph seems no longer to be able to distinguish between the noun "licence" and the verb "to license," and also the difference between "complimentary" and "complementary."  Pathetic.  Grrr.

Fourth, with the wonderful exception of the excellent Catherine Edwards ("Roman Women" BBC4) the apparent enthusiasm of the BBC to recruit and employ persons who are incapable of speaking clearly.  Dreadful accents abound and also other solecisms - e.g. some "live" correspondent referred the other day to "several cup-of-teas."  Such people are as unsuited to appearing on broadcast media as say, Lord (John) Prescott.  

We have:
  • the appalling Americanism "impact" meaning "affect" (why?) 
  • the irritating expression "leverage" pronounced incorrectly (meaning what?)
  • weather forecasters who warn us about "claads" and "shaas," others referring to "yeees."
  • the horrid term "going forward"

Fifth, sentimental treatment of little furry animals - e.g. the badger cull row.  I do enjoy "Springwatch" on the television (despite the grating accents of the very highly expert presenters) but their glamorisation of foxes makes my blood boil.  Had I land of my own, I would certainly devote a meadow to wild flowers to encourage the bees etc. and take care of my woodland, but I would also have a shot-gun and any fox that stuck its murderous head up would have it blown off.  Sadly that traitor Blair banned hunting.  I have never forgiven these horrible creatures for the slaughter of my beloved hens in France.

Grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

I don`t mind you shooting the predator fox on your land. I do object to a crowd of bloodthirsty humans and dogs befouling our countryside with their lust for inflicting death.

This is just another example of a flimsy excuse to legitimise thugs with guns and dogs killing off the countryside.
Pre cull methods of badger disposal locally include digging them up with dogs , baiting them for a bit, killing them and tossing them in the road so they just get reported as roadkill. Carried out by the same clandestine groups who continue with barbaric and exclusive pastimes such as cockfighting, foxhunting, dogpits and lamping.

I heartily agree with the rest of your rant .I do think however that all this angst over things about which we have no control is liable to do your blood pressure no good at all and I suggest a cliched chill pill. 000000000`

Paul said...

I cannot agree with all that, I have to say.

Yes, I deplore badger-baiting (though basically in agreement with the proposed cull based on such evidence I have read) and equally I deplore dog-fights and cock-fighting.

Fox-hunting I support; much misleading information has been promulgated by the "anti" brigade, designed to whip up opposition, which of course was successful (I especially recall the horrible Cherie Blair spouting crap on the subject).

As for the rest, if one cannot rant I feel that one might as well give up, climb into one's box and pull down the lid!

Anonymous said...

Wassuuuup, u gon on strike ! oooo`