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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Wisdom from the Commander-in-Chief

President Obama yesterday:

"You probably want to see if you can fix what's broken in an important relationship before you break it off - makes sense to me."

Of course the President was referring to Britain's relationship with the European Union (my view coincides with that of UKIP); I have something else in mind - indeed a relationship which was supposed to be run on the very lines that President Obama expressed.

Is there something in the female psyche which interferes with, or impedes the keeping of one's promises I wonder?

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Anonymous said...

it strikes me that the promises from the female regarding relationships are no different from the male. If a person doesn`t choose to mend the relationship or there is a different relationship in the offing then self interest just takes over ....its not called the me-generation for nothing.
She obviously strung you along until a better offer appeared. Its what people do all the time...... does not help you to know this unless of course you know the reason.
lifes too short not to move on....she has.

Paul said...

No, no "better offer" as I understand it. She had not been in a relationship for fifteen years (apart from a couple of "flings") at the time we began.

Yes life is short, but given that the past was heaven, the present purgatory and the future likely to be hell, perhaps not short enough from my point of view?