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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Watch This Space

I have a suspicion that my blog, though being hardly a suitable destination, might be being read by famous lefty, Miss Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Update tomorrow.

Until then


Anonymous said...

oooh, a stalker. Douglas Murray certainly has plenty to say on the subject.
I am an opponent of her outpourings and can only conclude that she shouts her extremism for the purposes of self publicity. (she is unknown in the shires)
Much of what she says may be based on fact,(ie. western acceptance of Israels behaviour towards the Palestinian people.)but
I feel she does harm to genuine grievances, hindering people from bothering to try and understand the complexities of the circumstances of our times.

My spirits fall when i accept that, to all appearances, the major world religions number one aim is to convert and subjugate.

the words "hell in a handcart" spring to mind. ooooo``

Paul said...

To me she's just a sort of Polly Toynbee, but rather worse.

Anonymous said...

surely Toynbee is just seen as a rich hypocrite, nobody takes notice of her in the Shires either.

Paul said...

"nobody takes notice of her [Polly Toynbee]in the Shires either."

Once upon a time H.M. the Queen was "pressing the flesh" with members of the public. One old lady said "Why Ma'am you look just like you do on the telly!" The Queen replied "How very reassuring."

Your observation about Miss Toynbee provokes the same reaction in me.