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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Big Brother Lives - More Internet Stuff

BBC News today carries the story that the Big Brother bill is still alive although it is to be re-drafted.

A simple search on this blog using the words "Big Brother" will reveal that I am distinctly disapproving of this project, which has been under consideration for some time.  Indeed as I have remarked before, I consider that there is already more than enough government.  Also, this will be an expensive project - doubly so since the British government has a long history of very expensive failures in connexion with Information Technology, usually reported at length by Private Eye.  Recent examples include the splendid telephones cock-up at the BBC and Fujitsu's farcical performance at the NHS.

And we are supposed to be able to trust these people with our data? There have been too many cases of government officials leaving laptops in cars or even simply losing them.

Terrifying I think, although as with almost everything, there is a small silver lining: apparently Liberal Democratic leader Nick Clegg is opposed to the scheme; finally something on which he and I can agree - and something which will serve to justify his existence.

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Anonymous said...

no argument with 99.9% but is that support for Clegg.? a simple search "clegg u turn" throws up 365000 hits.

I was going to rant about this man and his lack of spine and his useless party..but I had some jelly to set.

I believe big brother is already with us.

Paul said...

Cleggy? The weather-vane?

Be fair: I did write "finally something on which he and I can agree - and something which will serve to justify his existence"

As for support, there'd be more chance of my voting for Ken Livingstone, Arthur Scargill or George Galloway than for Clegg and his chums - i.e. no chance, no chance at all. If Red Ken said "Nice weather today" I'd check twice - and just once more before responding; bit like Blair in that respect I suppose.

Anonymous said...

how does one apologise succinctly for being un fair?

Anyway my point probably is....Clegg has said he is going to do things before so why is this issue more likely than others to be the one by which he shows himself to be an honest politician ... hahahahaha.


Paul said...

"I was unfair"
How succinct is that?!

I agree: hence my use of the term weather-vane.

"Cleggeral Democrats" no good to me.