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Sunday 16 December 2012


The picture shows the pavement ('sidewalk') of Turnham Green Terrace London W.4 yesterday afternoon.  Like most of London's pavements it is covered in  unsightly, disgusting chewing-gum abandoned or I suppose spat out, by disgusting chewing-gum users.

As a smoker, I am in today's super-state, treated like a leper; gum-chewers continue with this repulsive practice undisturbed.

Since improving the manners of the masses in this Age of the Common Man appears to be impossible, perhaps the makers of these revolting products might be prevailed upon to modify them so that they rot away - like horse-shit - or simply dissolve in the rain.

Until the next time


Anonymous said...

nous sommes entièrement d'accord

heres one answer...google "images of ben wilson " the link is way too long to send.
I, being no artist, just paint smiley faces.


Paul said...

Ben Wilson: an original idea and clever, but on balance I'd prefer that he used a paint scraper rather than a paint brush!