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Saturday 15 December 2012

A Pity...

[...] that his page carries an Israeli flag with the message "I stand with Israel."

Personally I can't stand Israel - at least under its present governance.

Anyway that's all off the point. The important thing is that Greenie Watch has come up with something really nice: effectively a quote from  the IPCC that suggests that they are coming round to the idea that, quel choc! the activity of the SUN is responsible for changing our climate here on Earth.

Well, well. You read it here first: I wrote ages ago that the sun just has to fart once and we're all toast. It may be only a medium-sized star, but as I think Fred Hoyle remarked, expand the earth to the size of the sun and earth's atoms would become the size of toy balloons...

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

greenies, terrorists, protestors,organised crime,disorganised crime,kate middleton,reality tv....all part of the wallpaper, to stop people noticing whats going on around them, to stop us hanging bankers and politicians....hang em for incontinence and fiddling their tax.

have to leave Israel `til another occasion........`0

Paul said...

EUSSR says we cannot hang anybody.