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Saturday 26 February 2011

Libya III

Watching the BBC this evening I saw a recording of a statement given by Gadaffi's No 1 son, Saif al-Islam Gadaffi assuring the world that everything is fine except that the régime has to deal with "some terrorists" in a couple of towns west of Tripoli and implying that the reports of thousands of casualties are "a joke"

Well well. Talk about deja vu!

Reminded me of the following "information minister":

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banned said...

Ah yes Comical Ali, he provided so much fun and entertainment that he was not even detained during the de-Ba'athifying process and now enjoys a quiet retirement in the UAE (Wiki).

I saw that interview (with a Turkish TV presenter) by Saif here


A site that I wholly recommend, it is updated several times daily but Caution, some very gruesome vids.

Paul said...

Yes he was good value wasn't he?

"God will roast their stomachs in Hell" he said...

I am pleased he is enjoying a quiet retirement.